The Heart Shaped-Bed At The Beginning of Time

[Darkness. The void at the beginning of time. A SPARK enters, dressed in flowing white robes, androgynous, wearing the mask of an ancient face with long hair.]

SPARK: Small, I wander, playing alone amidst the VAST DARK. My bright feet step here, and there, touching nothing as I drift. In sweet loneliness, I have seeded my belly with a yearning, which becomes an ache, and the aching grows into fullness. What magic will this belly make?

[SPARK pulls out a large red cloth heart, as big as a bed, from beneath its white robes. It lays it on the ground, and sits on the floor, next to it.]

SPARK: I see the center of the universe, right here, and I hear your song, and sing to you in turn….

[With its index fingertip, SPARK pulls a blue handkerchief out from the eye-hole of its mask, and studies it for a moment as it hangs.]

SPARK: My first tear….

[SPARK cast the tear with solemn joy to the left side of the heart. Then pausing, SPARK pulls its index finger off its hand, the finger that touched the tear.]

SPARK: Oh little finger bone…I hear you sighing…you’ve kissed the tear haven’t you…go then, join her. I too love: right here, my heart, at the center of all things.

[SPARK tosses the bone to the right side of the bed. Both tear and bone turn suddenly into blue-water woman and grey-stony man. They come together tenderly on the heart-bed and embrace. A flash, and a rumble of thunder, and stars appear in the void…]

SPARK: [dancing] I didn’t know
that my first wound would open me up
that spilling forth
would come one I love
a ground for my bright feet to touch
and in loving the first one
the children of my heart and me
would themselves seek out each other
they’ve seeded the void with stars
life has begun
For the first time in my memory
I rub my hands
Warmed by their Love
I call it: the First Fire

[Drums. SPARK dances off stage. Quiet for a moment, as STONY MAN and WATER WOMAN embrace on the heart-bed. A figure emerges out of the darkness, moving and looking like a marionette, with a bland smile painted on its face and rosy cheeks.]

PUPPET: Cold fills all I can remember. Alone I wander. Perhaps once I had someone to share my loneliness with. Now, solitary do I stumble here, and there. And there they lie. Envy fills my empty space within. I want what he has. The coldness inside gnaws at me. I will take her spirit and swallow it down.

[PUPPET MAN approaches WATER WOMAN and touches her. Her eyes open…she hugs her arms to her side, shivering, while STONY MAN remains asleep…]


PUPPET MAN: [Miming pulling in some invisible essence of her into his mouth, licking his fingers.] Yes, delicious, all for me!

[WATER WOMAN dies, falling back to the ground.]

PUPPET MAN: More. I want more! [looking out at stars, laughs mirthlessly] I have a lot of eating to do… [PUPPET MAN dances/stalks/slithers off stage, humming and grinning to himself. A few moments pass and then STONE MAN wakes up, rubbing head.

STONY MAN: Water! [as if speaking for first time, inventing language as it comes from his mouth. STONY man suffers silently, hanging his head].

You crashed against me
wave against rock
and wore my rough edges away
ever since I tasted you
with that first salt-water kiss
I began to wake
I found my purpose:
Holding you against the dark
And making the first sunrise together…

Now left alone, perhaps
but your scent still hangs heavy on me
I will never forget
though touched now by loneliness
I will make it back to your embrace
here where it all began
but first, I will hunt it down
dark power that did this
behind every star, and all about the new forming world
I’ll catch it and cast it back into the Abyss
Though ruin stalk me every step of the chase

Here I come.

[darkness again as STONY MAN exits, determined.]

Written by Willem