Workshop – “A Supper of Raven’s Wings”: Riddles, Dreams, Myths, and Landscape

Join instructor Willem Larsen in unraveling the web that ties ancient Spoken Traditions with the human experience in the mystery and beauty of the land. Explore how far your senses can reach, the capacity of your memory to re-experience past realities with astounding clarity, your intrinsic ability to speak and write fluent poetry of place, and the traditions of exploring mystery both physically through animal tracking and imaginatively through the solving and creating of riddles. Gain knowledge about a specific sampling of local plants, trees, and animals, through the applied use of your skills in Spoken Tradition. Edible, medicinal, ecological, metaphorical, and survival uses and relationships with our neighbors in the living world all come together in this workshop which reawakens the Bard in you.

Location in Portland, Oregon.

Sliding scale donations, $10 – $75 for the two day workshop.

Email Willem for more info, at mythic dot cartographer at gmail dot com.

Written by Willem