SHIFT: Animal Movement Art

I’ve just opened up a space for SHIFT every 3:30pm Saturday at the Peace Full Soul, 4940 NE 16th, just south off Alberta street, in Portland, Oregon.

If you just thought “SHIFT? WTF?”, listen up:

At SHIFT we move as animals, as mountains, as rivers, as trees, we learn to use our bodies powerfully and gracefully, whether in self-defense, or simply to move like ghosts in the wilderness (urban or otherwise). SHIFT happens both indoors and outdoors; for the coming rainy season we feel happy to have an indoor space to move in part of the time.

We dance and play as otter.
We gruffly stamp as bear.
We stand immovable as mountain.
We breathe and shelter like cedar.
We drum our rhythm like ocean.

We SHIFT into the wild.

We ask for a $5 to $10 donation to help pay for the space.

Written by Willem