The Scholarship Riddle has Arrived

Those first to answer correctly will fill a limited number of scholarship slots. If you have a strong need for financial assistance, please express that and we’ll factor that in too. Send answers to mythic (dot) cartographer (at) gmail (dot) com. We’ll also factor in to the evaluation of riddle answers the work you put into solving it, so feel free to show the line of your exploration, in an eloquent fashion, in arriving at your answer.

Without further ado:

See there…
Going down red in the west
the heart of the sun dips itself
into waters
and gives birth
to a many-legged Serpent of Life
here I touch
and feel scales
there I touch
and feel soft fur
she breathes hot on my face
and I feel refreshed
the rot of old worries and ways
with the steam
and smoke.

Written by Willem