The Perfect Map

I mentioned in passing here a couple posts back, about how the Perfect Map of a certain thing means the thing itself.

You may have wondered to yourself (and well you should!), “But what about ‘cartography’? What about making mythic maps, if one cannot really make a perfect map?”.

Ahh! Well, my friend, I have a story for you:

Two crows perched on a power line. One, older and wiser, said to the other younger and more foolish crow, “Have you ever thought about the words ‘as the crow flies’?”

Younger and Foolish paused and replied, “No…well, it just means how we fly level and therefore shorter distances and the no-wings have to go up and down over the earth, traveling many times farther in actual distance even though no more than us in terms of map distance.”

Older and Wiser smiled. “But don’t we go up and down in the air, rising on currents, diving at other times?”

Younger and Foolish said, “Yes…but we don’t have to.”

Older and Wiser said, “Don’t we?”

Younger and Foolish said, “Oh. Well, sometimes, I suppose, in strong wind, or in certain weathers.”

Older and Wiser said, “So ‘as the crow flies’ really means sometimes straight and sometimes not, which means just about the same as how the no-wings travel.”

Younger and Foolish thought a bit, and replied, “Well yes, but I don’t think the no-wings mean it that way.”

Older and Wiser laughed. “No, I don’t believe they do.” Younger and Foolish laughed too.

“And that,” Older continued, “explains why you yourself comprise the Perfect Map.”

Written by Willem