In November: “A Supper of Raven’s Wings II: Riddles, Dreams, Myths, and Landscapes”

Join instructor Willem Larsen in walking the web that weaves
ancient Spoken Traditions with the human experience in the mys-
tery and beauty of the land. Explore how far your senses can reach,
the capacity of your memory to re-experience past realities with
astounding clarity, your intrinsic ability to speak and write fluent
poetry of place, and the traditions of exploring mystery both physi-
cally through animal tracking and imaginatively through the solv-
ing and creating of riddles. Gain knowledge about a specific sam-
pling of local plants, trees, and animals, through the applied use of
your skills in Spoken Tradition. Edible, medicinal, ecological, meta-
phorical, and survival uses and relationships with our neighbors in
the living world all come together in this workshop which reawak-
ens the Bard in you.

The workshop runs 9am-6pm, Saturday November 4th and
9am-5pm Sunday November 5th, 2006. Location in Portland,

Tuition costs $125 per student, if we receive it before Octo-
ber 10th. $165 after. Enrollment limited to 12 students. Regis-
tration closes Wednesday noon, November 1st. For those in need of
financial assistance, check the website for the opportunity to solve
the riddle that will earn you a full scholarship…

Contact Willem for more info, or to register:
mythic.cartographer at gmail dot com

Written by Willem