A Perfect Free Thing

I’ve bound you from within
and while you yet recline
with that chair against your spine
I’ll speak to you of history

You’ll forgive my lack of tact
a tactic inexact
Yet both hurried and unworried
I’ll spin a story without lack

For ideas I care not
you can have the sorry lot
but for dreamers and believers
I’ll sell everything I’ve got
(yes, for dreaming and believing
I’ve done things I once could not
yes, for dancing and romancing
for story
and for glory
yes, for all of that and more
I’ve rushed far beyond the door
that stood right between
both me and righteous gleam
of dreaming

So this story it begins
without virtues
without sins
It begins inside a heart
(you’ll know it from the start)
a heart that beats
and never cheats
that often cries
and does not lie
Yes this heart does begin
this tale somewhat grim
within a wounded breast
and we will put it to the test

We have hurt it
true indeed
and it weeps
and it bleeds
but will it do the same to us?
will it curse?
will it cut?

If only we can convince it
we will win
and we will show it
that by not feeling
or revealing
any signal or sign
of bleeding
only then
will it start winning
any battle worth one dying

yes by lying
and not crying
the heart will win the fighting

and it will curse
and it will cut
and it will die without regret
having nothing
knowing no-one

who has won?
well now you have me
I conspire
and I satire
against joy
against levity
I’ve told you insincere
what I would not want to hear
but I rather
would see you gladder
with a heart with both grief
and laughter
knowing someone
having all
but nothing bought
nor nothing sold

(yes by crying
and never lying
the heart will abandon fighting
by weeping
and by bleeding
it will give the Earth a greeting:
you may touch me
and inspire me
you may wound me
you may tire me
but I’ll always keep on beating
because you have born within me
what I call: a perfect free thing).

Written by Willem