the Natural Way Speaker Series

The College has officially become co-sponsor to the Natural Way Speaker Series, put on by the Earth and Spirit Council, here in Portland, Oregon.

From their website:

The Natural Way: Indigenous Voices begins its ninth season in October, 2007. The mission of this program is to honor all traditions that value the earth. We provide a forum for those who strive to preserve and enhance earth-based, sustainable living to share their traditions, knowledge and beliefs about the earth. A dedicated Natural Way Advisory Board meets monthly to plan programs and to carry the vision forward with the involvement of other interested volunteers.

The Natural Way is held October through December and February through May on the second Friday of the month from 7:00-9:00 p.m., unless otherwise noted.

The Advisory Board welcomes speaker suggestions as well as help in publicizing and fundraising for the Natural Way: Indigenous Voices. If you know of an indigenous elder you’d like to see at the Natural Way, please let us know. One way of doing this is to partner with other organizations that may be bringing elders to Portland for other meetings.

I feel pretty pumped about this – I’ve already referred to, in past articles, the last speaker (in November) Danita Washington of the Lummi Nation in Washington State. She blew me away. Last October, the poet and academic Ofelia Zepeda also had an incredible perspective to share, along with her poetry written in her native Tohono O’Odham language. Rod McAfee, the elder and constant host of the speaker series, himself descends from the Akimel O’Odham (literally “river people”, as opposed to Ofelia’s “desert people”). Tohono O’Odham remains the second most widely-spoken indigenous language in North America.

In any case, co-sponsoring essentially means you’ll find me (and maybe one or two other College folks) at the events, doing something helpful. If you live in the area, I highly recommend you come. Here you’ll find the flyer for the next speaker on December 8th:

Nancy Egan at the Natural Way

And an excerpt from the press release for the text-inclined:

Event: The Natural Way – Indigenous Voices

Featured Presenter: Nancy Egan

Date: December 8, 2006 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Place: Native American Student and Community Center at Portland State University,
SW Broadway and Jackson, Portland, Oregon

Cost: Donation of $10-$20

Co-sponsored by: Earth and Spirit Council and the College of Mythic Cartography

Journey of Life

Nancy Egan is a member of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Reservation in southern Idaho near the Nevada border. She is the great, great, great granddaughter of Chief Egan of the 1878 Bannock-Paiute Indian War in Oregon. Nancy will speak about the journey of life as taught by her grandparents, a brief history of War Chief Egan in the Bannock-Paiute War, and how education compliments her people’s life today.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business/Management, and an Associate of Arts Degree in Social Work. She is a committed leader, an educator, and a firm believer in her community and working together. Her aspirations are to encourage leadership and to prepare the path for generations to pursue their educational endeavors. Dreams become visions as we prepare for every challenge along this journey in life.

The mission of the Natural Way-Indigenous Voices, an Earth & Spirit Council program, is to honor all traditions that value the earth. The Natural Way provides a forum for those who strive to preserve and enhance earth-based, sustainable living to share their traditions, knowledge and beliefs about the earth. More information is available at or by calling (503) 452-4483.

Written by Willem