A Vision of the Future: Khabarovsk in Collapse


i know you leave issues of economic/political collapse mostly to me and the cadre, but i ran across a very digestible and relevant online powerpoint summary of US collapse issues, from the point-of-view of a russian who lived through the Soviet collapse! He says some awesome, inspiring, emboldening, sobering things, that make me think of us on the right track (even more than I knew), and make me think about ways in which we can prepare even better. I really recommend you read it.


I of course visited Russian in the middle of its 12-year collapse, in Spring of 1993, and witnessed first hand the attitudes and lifestyles of the people dealing with the insanity of “free market reforms” as a solution to a political and economic crash. Maybe that stuck with me more than I realized at the time – I always used to think about it as my trip to the Third World, but once upon a time, not too long before I came, Russian belonged solidly to the First World. Their very capacity to create boondoggles indicated the amount of resources they had to throw around.

When I came to Khabarovsk, I saw a city slowly melting into the Earth, filled with verdant and wild abandoned lots, monumentally buckling pavement, and the bustle of people and public transportation (such a paradox! but not – crash will look exactly like that, crash looks exactly like that). Reading Orlov’s powerpoint presentation, and thinking back on the beautiful postcard photos of a perfectly coiffed Khabarovsk, I realized that it may indeed have looked like that a mere 5 or 10 years before I arrived. I always thought I had seen the true face of Khabarovsk, rather than the “false” ones promoted by the Intourist marketers in postcards and advertisement, but now I think I only saw the inevitable face, one that will surely emerge again as demand drives our finite fuel supplies out of practical reach.

Written by Willem