A List of College Services

So what do we do here at the College of Mythic Cartography?

We hold space for planned events like SHIFT, and our Riddle Workshops.

We also provide one on one and small-group mentoring support for unschoolers, beginning animal trackers, aspiring “coyote teachers”, mythic cartographers, rewilders, and ongoing support for any of the skills or subjects addressed in the blog entries. Keep in mind: you can find several organizations in our area (Portland, Oregon), that teach wilderness and naturalist skills. We take a different tack into these kinds of skills by combining them with the “spoken tradition” skillsets of storytelling, riddlecraft, oral memory, sacred questioning, empathic tools, practical ceremony, and other oft-overlooked and undertaught skills of awareness and relating.

Contact Willem at mythic dot cartographer at gmail dot com, for more information, donations/exchange for services, and so on.

Written by Willem