No SHIFT on 5-19-07; Martín Prechtel instead!

This Saturday, instead of SHIFTing at Irving Park, you’ll find me at Martín Prechtel‘s Portland workshop.

His description of the experience:

Making the Sound of the Jeweled Toad

What do you do after discovering that your Heart is actually a shiny jeweled Toad trying to dig her way out of the deep hibernating ground of who your think you are? A toad whose wild noise can startle the world into life again, back from this frowning, know-it-all, self-destructive drift toward a synthetic, machine-dependent, free-fall existence in the bottomless abyss of cynicism’s insatiable hunger. What happens when each of us in our own way making our indigenous sounds together finds out that being human does not mean what we have been taught, but that we on the other hand could become a grove of never-before-seen trees whose flowers of deep and unstoppable life-giving sounds make symphonies of natural jazz that cause the real world to sing again, dream again, swim again, jump-up-doing-mysterious-things again, armed only with the unarmed courage that comes from a vision of our diverse collective natural beauty: the sounds of each of our hearts in love with life, a sound of such an irresistible character as to cause the endangered spiritual DNA of all things to jump back out of their hiding place into their normal ecstatic, semi-random exuberant enormity whose staggered flowering, fruiting, reseeding and scattering is the face of the Holy in Nature?

Please come, help me, Martín Prechtel, not only to sing, but to try to ritually reseed in the ground of grief’s remembrance, the possibility of a time of hope beyond our own with the flowering of our hands and voices, driven by the magnificent spiritual pump of our dreaming hearts.

All Blessings- Martín Prechtel

Written by Willem