Just days to go till REWILD CAMP 2007

When: Opening Day Saturday August 4th (9am-5pm) is required. The camp runs through Friday August 10th. You can stay all weeklong, or simply come Saturday for the planning, then whatever days/time you have available the rest of the week.

What: An Open Space for rewilding skills. We encourage you to read about what an Open Space is by clicking here.

Where: Various Locations around PORTLAND, OR!

Why: To learn and share more about rewilding ourselves in our own bio-region with the people who live here with us in hopes that this sharing of information will build a better community and environment for the 7 generations to come and beyond.

How: Just show up on Saturday August 4th at Colonel Summers Park at 9am. Who: Anyone under the sun. We request that you RSVP by signing your name on the list below.

Rewild Camp Portland is a weeklong DIY social experiment/event held using the collaborative group information-share known as “open space technology,” to share rewilding skills and fun times such as: Archery, fire by friction, martial arts, hunting/trapping, stone tools, tan a hide, wool-felting, sensory awareness, capture the flag, backyard campfires, dance parties, wild-crafting, coffee shop conversations, impromptu dance parties, spontaneous hook-ups, gathering and cooking food, etc.

Now here’s how it works. Say you want to teach people how to make a bow-drill fire, Say you don’t want to teach anything, say you just want to take some friends and go shoot some bows and arrows, say you want to learn a skill like bike repair, say you want to give a lecture on the collapse of civilization, say you want to hear a lecture on the collapse of civilization, say you want to have a conversation about toxins in the Willamette river, say you want to have a dance party, all you need to do is show up on Saturday morning!

To hold the integrity of the event, we need you to show up on at least the first day of the Rewild Open Space Saturday, August 4th at 9am. On this day you will learn how Open Spaces work, and how to participate in them. If you do not show up this day but still want to participate, you must arrange to have the culture of the Open Space passed on to you somehow. Otherwise, confusion will result! After the first day, you can attend (or not) any day’s events freely. At Colonel Summers Park on SE 20th and Belmont.

During the morning we will collectively throw out ideas/topics/classes/discussions to be had, held, partied and use those to build a Calendar of activities for the week.

An Open Space is just plain hard to simply explain. You must experience it to understand. So, relax, show up on Saturday with lots of ideas.

Written by Willem