Why ‘…Cartography…”?

If Myth makes us, then ‘cartography’ reminds us of the source of that Myth…the Land.

Most maps defines their use by what they leave out, not by what they show. Yet mythic maps must transform us into fully realized creatures of the Land. The stories that the Land tells us as humans must teach us how to live, must create a living map, in every human body. The depth and breadth of a mythic map encourages us on an ever-renewing journey into the revelation of the totality of place.

The word ‘cartography’, by its roots, implies a ‘writing-down’ of this map, but more and more I contest that. Some things we must not write down. I continue to use the word ‘cartography’ because we have no word for what we must become, an embody-ing of a Land that nourishes us, land-dreamers.

Some maps we can only ‘read’ by walking them, in our minds or in our bodies. These maps matter most to me. These maps return us to the earth. These maps rescue our starving selves.

Written by Willem