Thoughts on Portland Rewild Camp 2007

Doing the ‘Outdoor Open Space

I wanted to write a short note on holding space outdoors, as I’ve heard that opinions vary, and me and my gang went ahead and tried it. The Open Space, Rewild Camp Portland 2007, went really well, with a couple of glitches.

See our wiki:

We held our marketplace at a picnic table in a local urban park, under a large tree, along with updating a wiki with new meeting times, etc.

I wouldn’t do the wiki thing again, because it discouraged folks from returning to the marketplace; they simply looked up updates online, which (no wifi at the park) we didn’t always get up in a timely fashion, resulting in some crossed wires.

It worked really well in other ways – we had lots of passers-by looking at the marketplace, asking questions, wanting to join in (though few actually chose to, they all expressed interest). The houseless (aka homeless) folks at the park supported us so incredibly much, it added a truly magical element to the week. Not once did they hit us up for change etc., they just encouraged us, complimented us, congradulated us, and on and on. So much upbeat out-of-the-blue support carried us through a lot of slow times waiting for people to ‘come-back’ to the marketplace!

Written by Willem