Of Daughters and Sinking Gods


Daughter, lead me

through the maze of future’s past

dark ways winding into light

Daughter, lead me

what memories burn behind your old woman’s eyes

a life full of surviving sacredly

Daughter, lead me

what wisdom did your father give you

that kept you on the living road

Daughter, lead me

tell me what you received

so that I may give it

to you


The wind pulls the rain down ever harder

every day it comes, swelling and splitting

the foundations of this world

the sky falling on our fallen idols

great stone heads, cheeks against the earth

drowing in themud

for some it looks like a summer’s day

but I hear the thunder

I smell the lightning
and with my family

we leave theruined world

and the vacationers

sunning themselves

amidst the sinking gods

Written by Willem