Holding Space, Standing Like A Tree

Much like a Tree creates a bounded and sheltered space at its feet, where perhaps formerly one only found an open meadow and the pulsing weather, so do I see the emerging variety of social technologies used by some in the rewilding community.

One of my main daily physical practices nowadays often goes by the name, “Standing Like A Tree”, or Zhan Zhuang.

In this practice I’ve found a powerful way to work many skills simultaneously; the stillness of stalking, the power of center, and the fusion of body and intent.

The metaphorical crossroads of this physical practice, with the social innovation of space-holding activities, such as Open Space gatherings, has not missed my notice.


I make Standing Like A Tree a regular part of SHIFT gatherings. Consider finding someone in you area who can teach this powerful practice, with one caveat: though many teach this, few seem to understand it. I wish you good luck.

Written by Willem