A Day of Indie Role-Playing

So I’ve spent a long time trying to develop a culture of storytelling amongst friends, students, family, and so on. Recently I’ve stumbled across a whole little movement, the world of small press and independently published, owner-created role-playing games. I blame Jason Godesky.

I’ve gotten excited about them enough to start having playtest days, where we see what makes these games tick, use them to work our storytelling muscles, and possibly develop our own games.

WHAT: Indie role playing game day, where we playtest games that work our storytelling muscles in new and exciting ways.
WHO: You or someone like you. Including people you know who would really enjoy it.
WHEN: Sunday Jan 13th at 1pm
WHERE: The Scout Pit, 5040 SE Milwaukie, around back next to the parking lot.
WHY: To explore new tools for stretching our storytelling muscles, to innovate methods of teaching these skills, to help design possible tracker and animist-oriented story games.

COST: Free, but we welcome donations for sustaining the Scout Pit, a community center on the lip of Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

Written by Willem