Weekly-ish Story-telling Game Day

WHAT: Indie role playing game day, where we playtest games that work our storytelling muscles in new and exciting ways.
WHO: You or someone like you. Including people you know who would really enjoy it.
WHEN: More or less weekly, and coming up next – Sunday Jan 20th at 3pm
WHERE: The Scout Pit, 5040 SE Milwaukie, around back next to the parking lot.
WHY: To explore new tools for stretching our storytelling muscles, to innovate methods of teaching these skills, to help design possible tracker and animist-oriented story games. And to while away the rainy days of winter doing what humans have always done best this time of year: telling stories!
AND DON’T FORGET: Please RSVP if you can. Portlanders suck at RSVP, I know, so I don’t require it, but it’ll help me set up chairs and tables and snacks.
BRING: Pencils, snacks, maybe something to drink.
p.s. we’ll have the upstairs noise problem fixed by then too!

Written by Willem