Dream Interpretation for Anarchists

I consider Gayle Delaney and Tom Brown, Jr. the best resources for unpacking our dreams, because both of them have the same fundamental message:

The final authority for the meaning of your dream symbols and metaphors comes from you. You own them. No one else can tell you what your dream means.

So we have stacks and stacks of ‘dream interpretation’ dictionaries and bibles, all happy to receive our power and authority to interpret the dreams that speak poetry in the language of our own unique hearts.

In a sense, as the title above suggests, to reject this looks like a kind of dream interpretation for anarchists.

Topple the dictators and tyrants of your dream life from their thrones, cast off the chains and manacles forged from the notion that you can learn about your dream through someone else’s opinion.

As I mentioned in the last post, this ends at the door of the tyrant of your own logical mind, who  ‘already knows what it means’.

So how do you reclaim your own dreaming authority? How do you pick up the responsibility for your own mythic life?

You ask yourself questions, or have a friend ask you questions. Step by step, you describe the elements in your dream.  As a questioner, you pretend you come from another world. You ask the dreamer to relate the whole dream, and then you go back to the beginning, and go through it piece by piece. You’ve never seen these elements before, you don’t recognize them, no matter how mundane. “I’ve never seen a dog. What do they do? Please describe them.” The dreamer, bit by bit, describes the elements. You’ll find one’s notions of ‘dog’ wildly varying from person to person, and herein you’ll discover your own native dream-tongue, the one that belongs to you and no-one else, the one you’ve carefully created your whole life, day by day.

Written by Willem