Food, Peace, and SHIFT Martial-Arts

The bioregional Cascadian martial-art SHIFT that I collaborate on growing, exploring, sharing, and developing with my really gifted friends, students, and mentors, also goes by other descriptions; ‘feral movement art’, ‘protector art’.

I wonder often if folks know how far this philosophy goes. A long time ago I ran across a practicioner of Aikido who put some of what I wanted to say really excellently. An excerpt:

…The logic of martial art is that of starting life as an individual and finishing it in a community way, a life of producing food. However there are two ways of living together. One is to produce food and the other is to form armies. Human beings need food. One can produce food or one can take food from others. One way needs agriculture to produce food and the other needs armies to take food from others. Thus, communities which produce food and communities which take food from others are very different. In industrial countries, governments choose to take food from others rather than produce food by themselves. It may be politically a correct idea because if one country only produces food then other countries will come with strong armies and take all food it has produced.

The basic question is to know whether one wants to live a life based on war or based on peace. If one wants to create a life based on peace, one must produce one’s own food in one’s own land…

Check it out.

Written by Willem