More on Story Bands

So if Story Bands and Music Bands have a lot in common…

Then we can have Story-jams just like we have music -jams.

Then Storytellers become Story-jammers, don’t they?

And in any case, every Band needs a name, don’t they. What will you call yours?

And you’ll need to pick your first Band members with care, because you’ll need to trust them, know that they can listen and respond, that they want to make each other look good (instead of just themselves), and that they have the same (or at least harmonious) vibe as you.

I’ve already seen that Story-jamming takes far more skill and sensitivity than you’d think, and if you get good at it, Story-telling should feel effortless.

Because when you Story-jam, you do no less than share the same vivid waking dream.

(…of course we’d end up back at Dreams…)

Written by Willem