I admit, I don’t have personal experience with many of the ethnobotanical hallucinogens, often called “entheogens”. I’ve never taken mushrooms, or LSD, or such things. I can only tell my own story here, and I feel the need to.
When hearing non-indigenous people describe their plant-assisted ‘shamanic’ journeys, I feel something missing. It reminds me of the great visionary stories, of Black Elk, and Buddha, and Jesus, and Stalking Wolf. And it all seems so intense, violent, and non-relational.

And I still don’t see why one needs a plant-intermediary to help establish a deep connection to land and spirit.

As in the title above, for me building relationships with friends and family, human and other-than, feels like an ongoing series of weddings. Courtships, and laughter, dancing, and feasts. Gifts, gifts, gifts, and receive thankfulness and community in return.

A wedding has so much going on. Just imagine then, if a crew of guys came in, and started up a fourth-of-july quality fireworks show, right there? Thunder and explosions, bursts of color and light, oohs and ahhhs.

But what about the wedding? It suddenly turned into spectacle.

I’ll admit, Christmas lights and fireworks don’t do anything for me, and maybe this explains the disconnect on my part.

It just feels so simple to me, though. My routine works this way: You want to befriend Cedar? Give Cedar gifts! Talk, and listen, to Cedar! Steward the Land around Cedar! Ask for blessings. Give blessings.

Can entheogens even find room to coexist in such a cozy, tight space, between courtier and beloved, between two best friends living in the bright, rainy world?

I don’t have any advice for those thinking about entheogen use, or who currently do. I tell my own story here, and wish you luck with your own.

Written by Willem