Podcast: Rewilding Adulthood

Adults hold space for culture, raise children, provide food and shelter for each other, and make decisions together that they follow through on. What does all this mean in a rewilding context? What do rewilding adults look like? I explore this topic with some rather strong opinions, borne of bittersweet experiences. Rewilding Adulthood may just amount to the most challenging, terrifying, and important work we have to do, as people who rewild.

Jake Swamp: http://www.treeofpeace.org
Jon Young: http://www.jonyoung.info
Rewilding: http://www.rewild.info

For the series on rewilding and breaking the spell of the modern culture, look into Breaking the Spell, parts One (Rewilding), Two (Rewilding Your Ability to Reason), Three (Reality Therapy), Four (the Village Philosopher), Five (the College of the Round Table), Six (the Reason for Riddles), and Seven (the Wise Compass).

Written by Willem