The Oral Tradition of Storyjamming

I recently attended a story-game gathering in Seattle, on the weekend of May 31-June 1.  For a long time, I’ve had some difficulty establishing a storyjamming culture with my small group. I have many assumptions and things I take for granted about storytelling, and I don’t always know how to uncover and articulate them.

How nice does it feel, then, when you discover that you don’t necessarily have to uncover and articulate everything, to bring it back. Sometimes you can just go find it where it still exists, and immerse yourself in it! So two of my friends, newbies to Storyjamming, attended GoPlayNW, and took to it like fish to water. It all worked out so well. It reminded me that in many places, for many things, oral cultures still remain vibrant, alive, and important. That my former frustration with indie games (that they couldn’t mentor you how to play the game, by reading the game text alone), now stand revealed to me as their strength!

Also, the culture of the indie-game movement continues to really impress and delight me.  I know that one can’t find a culture of such supportive, creative, and sincere people just anywhere. Something about storyjamming, story-games, and the indie game culture has come together to make something really special.

Check out the story-games meetup directory for opportunities near you to immerse yourself in this culture!

Written by Willem