The New Underground Railroad

Our Rewilding Renaissance means that the new story we have to tell about our relationship with the world needs an outlet. How do we enact it in our lives, express it in how we feed and shelter ourselves?

Especially since this culture enforces a system of wage slavery? Of working to pay for what one once could freely harvest oneself – shelter, water, food.

Well, to escape slavery you need an Underground Railroad.

More and more opportunities to step outside, step beyond civilization, will emerge as time goes on. With each iteration, these opportunities will resemble more and more the healthy and original ways we used to live, in our indigenous ancestries.

In one example of filling this need, Finisia Medrano works to welcome back the plant relatives that the original peoples of California, Nevada, and Idaho relied upon for their sustenance, by traveling, as a caravan, in a big hoop, planting seeds, stewarding, digging roots, and following the seasons.

In her words: “I would again ask any who feel the need to give life to the native food plants and to a rewilding culture and the seven generations to come out and help us harvest and plant these seeds. I can assure you that you will learn much about how to sustain the wild that gives to everything.”

Written by Willem