Making and Holding Space: Transformational Tools

My friend Julie has done it again! Another brilliant article over at her website,

Check out “Making Space: Offering You Room to Bloom” by Julie Cramer.

An excerpt:

A Language of Space
One of the most important reasons to share this concept and give it a word, is that it creates a language, that then becomes a tool in relationship. Utilizing the language of space in actual day to day life relationships is worth a whole article in itself. For now, it is helpful even just to recognize it as a word, and start to ask yourself, what kind of “space” do I need right now to give what is inside of me room to bloom? Maybe you need to be heard, to be understood, to rest, to take action, to explore and so forth?

“Space” as  a Transformational Tool
The idea behind “space” as a transformational tool is simple. In fact,it is one of my favorite life paradoxes; the more we attempt to change or fix something, the more it stays they way it is, and, conversely, the more we allow things to be what they are, the more they begin to change and transform on their own!

Oh, I definitely run into doubters on this one! As a matter of fact, this simple concept, if one really gets it, is a complete life paradigm shift, and it is my belief that, when we can all truly understand what it means and how it works, we will live in a world of ever-transforming harmony, beauty and flow.  In some ways, it is counterintuitive, but once you really understand the depths of what it means to “make space”, you will see how very profound indeed it can be.

Written by Willem