The Mythweavers: A Storyband

How could I have forgotten to mention this? Some geographically diverse friends (Jason, Guili, Matt, Fen) and I have all connected up to storyjam over the internet, using skype audio. We’ve named our band “The Mythweavers”, and have chosen to record the jams so that other folks can get a good idea of how a storyjam works and sounds.

Currently we have two episodes up of our ongoing jam, “Howl of the People”, where we use the story-game Primetime Adventures to create an episodic storyline about a dysfunctional family of wolves in the Eagle Cap  Wilderness of NE Oregon.

We  have completed 3 episodes of our storyline, not including the first podcast which contains casting and setting creation. So far we only have one episode of the storyline up (“episode two” of the podcast, if that doesn’t confuse you too much).

For those who still don’t  understand the power and  potential of storyjamming, and resuscitating our own  oral/spoken traditions, the Mythweavers  offer up our humble effort at taken those first baby steps to telling stories about things we care about, and having a good time doing it.

Written by Willem