Natural Teamwork

I did a free presentation on (my version of) Agile Teams at the Village Building Convergence here in Portland, about two months ago. I value the dispersal of this knowledge to folks that will put it to good use.

Lo and behold, yesterday one of the attendees came up to me and told me that she and her friends had put all that info to work to get their grassroots herbal apothecary off the ground. She said, “We’ve never been so organized before! It’s so simple!”

She seemed really happy and energized about it, and I asked her, if she got a chance, to write up how it went to further boost for this particular team approach to work.

Anyway, it felt really affirming to hear that.  I wish I could blog about this more here, but honestly it seems to work as one of those oral tradition things, person to person (with the aid of a whiteboard!). Maybe I’ll post a video sometime – that might work. Why I didn’t just video the VBC  talk, I have no idea. They asked a zillion fantastic questions, hard, challenging, and aimed right for the throat (in a respectful way!). We even had a couple moments where I had to step up my facilitation skills to deal with energy and behavior that didn’t belong in that space. Good stuff.

Written by Willem