PODCAST: An Interview with Lisa Wells

I’ve decided to re-podcast an old episode, not included in the new run. Let’s call it Episode 16!

Listen to me interview Lisa Wells, instructor of theater, creative writing, and wilderness skills, author of Cedar Rapids: the Coming Derrick Dean, and poet-about-town.

In the interview she talks about the fascinating connection between prayer, theater, intuition, nature awareness, storytelling, and that ineffable creative energy that we sometimes call “shamanistic” or “mystical”.

I apologize in advance for a bit near the beginning where the microphone seems to go on a walkabout – I hope you can still catch what we say, as it addresses a worthwhile issue. Also, I mention the word “Duende” as meaning “wind” in Spanish. It doesn’t.

Get out of your head, and into your body, courtesy of Lisa Wells.

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Written by Willem