19: Confusion, Language, and Worlds

According to Benjamin Lee Whorf, the Hopi speak and think in terms of a world of events (or more precisely, “eventing”), as opposed to our world of “objects” and formless commodified substances (what form does “meat” have? “Wool”? “Sugar”?). How does my Indo-European linguistic and intellectual heritage obscure my perception of a dynamic, occurring world? How can we use new realizations in this area to free us and enable more fully lived lives? Listen to me as I struggle with barely-understood concepts of Hopi and animist relationships with “time” and “space”, and see if I can’t answer for myself why this all feels like a matter of Life and Death.

Benjamin Lee Whorf

No Word for Time, Evan T Pritchard (for discussion on Micmac culture and language)

The Balance Point, Julie Cramer (“Where the Profound and the Practical Meet”, a whole-life organizing and balance resource)

Getting Things Done, David Allen

Written by Willem