EPISODE 20: The Ceaselessly Latering Day

The word ‘Time’ doesn’t describe a dimension of reality, it describes an experience of reality. The Time of waiting in line at the movie theater, differs from the Time of watching fireworks, or sparring in martial-arts, or experiencing a perfect night sky. By acknowledging, rather than discarding, the profound impact of our subjective experience of the daily world, we can empower ourselves to experience it more fully, more attentively, more satisfyingly. A dance, a deep conversation, an intimate relationship, and a profound adventure – all these belong to the space of the Dreamtime, the Heroic Present. Play with moving in rhythm with the pulse of eternity, and see what happens – you yourself must choose what to make of it.

The Terrible Truth About Truth, Dr. Terry Halwes (a wonderful article that further explores the futility of looking for “truth” or “facts” of the natural world)

the Heroic Present, Jan Yoors
Language, Thought, and Reality, Benjamin Lee Whorf

Tom Brown Jr.’s Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking (contains the Wisdom of the Marks tracking excercise)

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Written by Willem