Walking the New Underground Railroad

Some exciting news from the folks from Pulling For Wildflowers; the camps have budded off into a group of overlapping traveling bands, each walking their own hoop. Planning and networking to commence at next year’s root camp! In their own words:

To my Indian Brothers and Sisters, to those who dance the Dance of all Nations, to members of the Dragon Clan, to Coyote’s Camp, to my Two-Spirited Walks Between Relations, to the Longhouses of the Fairies and Witches, and to all who strive to Walk in Beauty……

I humbly greet YOU with the HONOR you deserve and with LOVE and Gratitude in my heart for all you do.

After communicating with Forrest, who now owns Nonnie Camp in Arco, Kimi Jo, Clyde, and Finisia herself and based on the consensus that there should be no lapse in the annual occurrence of Root Festival, I have decided to coordinate the 2009 Root Festival. There will be much happening in and around SE Idaho. Kimi will be keeping camp near the Camas Prairie, while Forest and I will hold the camp in Arco. The festival of 2009 will look and be very different in that Finisia will not be participating. This was her decision and fully supported by those who will be holding the camps. She requested and received good, honest, loving, and heartfelt council from many of you. Asking for this and knowing she needed it was a BIG step for her. She opened her heart and mind to this council, and realized that her nonparticipation at Root Festival will hopefully begin to heal the wounds she caused and carry this Vision and these Teachings into the future, even unto seven generations. Aho

I will be in Arco for the month of June, except for the first week. The flyer announcement states that the Festival will occur from June 13-28. I am putting out a call for those of you who learned and immediately began teaching the Walks in Beauty way to consider in your hearts to come and share your understandings and skills in the nonhierarchical way to do this work and come together for and with a single purpose.




The only way we can do this is to give-back what has been given to us for the sake of our Mother. This year will be more focused and ceremonial than in the past, and therefore less of a Nonni camp. All of this will create safety and trust. This is the year we will kick it up to the next level. If this resonates with you PLEASE consider coming to support the direction that Spirit is taking this thing. (YES WE CAN!)

I LOVE you so
You help me see.
See YOU in Awe (all)
See You in Me
For I’m in You
And You’re in Me.
Yes, I’m in You
And You’re in Me.

Your Brother-Sister,

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(707) 869-1612

Written by Willem