Looking Back and Looking Forward

As of now, I think this entry will number as one of the last posts here at the College of Mythic Cartography. For multiple reasons, including the shortfall in funding for the podcast at Fundable.com, I have decided to stop adding additional material here. I think the archive stands on its own as a wealth of podcasts and articles on things often left unexamined or unsaid in this culture, so please take advantage of them. I plan to leave the website up for a couple years yet, and do need monthly help in covering webhosting and podcast archiving, so please keep donating if you have benefitted from this resource.

If you would like to pony up legal tender to have me personally speak to your chosen audience about the many ideas and issues here, please contact me, mythic dot cartographer at gmail dot com.  I continue to explore this path of rewilding our language, bodies, relationships, and Land, and wish you the best of luck in doing the same.

Long Live the Rewilding Renaissance, and may it continue to flower amongst your Family and Land!

Written by Willem