EPISODE 24: The Learning Revolution

[UPDATE WINTER 2012: For my most current thinking on language acquisition, fluency, and learning, please see the free eBook at http://leanpub.com/gettingstartedlanghunt or the-almost-free Five Rules of Accelerated Learning and explore the website at http://languagehunters.org. My language work has changed significantly – I’ve moved on from my former partnership at WAYK and am opening up thrilling new frontiers in this work!]


Evan Gardner and I will do another interview soon, but in the meanwhile I wanted to underscore and flesh out some of the really startling insights that Evan threw out there. I’ve put his perspective together with mine, and felt the earth quake. What did Evan say that has caused me to completely rethink teaching and learning? Listen in and you’ll find out.

Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School

Jon Young

John Holt

John Taylor Gatto

Daniel Quinn

Written by Willem