What does the College of Mythic Cartography mean?

The College of Mythic Cartography exists wherever Peers gather to tell meaningful Story about their relationship with the Land.

College indicates a society of Peers, and peers-in-training, who prioritize communicating and collaborating on what they feel passionate about. Colleagues, working together in an egalitarian way, to caretake that which they love.

Mythic refers to meaningful Story, the kind of stories and spoken traditions (riddles, dreams, mythtime tales, and so on) that carry a deeply practical instruction for relating to the community of life in an ever-more-successful and maturing way. This kind of Story stands in stark contrast to that which we call entertainment.

Cartography points to a language of the Land, and the human method of carrying this language. Though certainly humans can do this visually, they have an even stronger heritage of doing this through rhythm, song, poetry, and dance. We have embodied maps for far longer than we have drawn them on paper.

Any intact, animist, indigenous culture carries a college of mythic cartography amongst its members. For us children of modern civilization, the work to rebuild colleges of this kind, in rapport with the particular Land which reclaimed our heart, beckons to us. As adult children, we can now consciously choose the parent made of Land over the parent made of metal wire and bottled milk.

Written by Willem