The Next Step In The Fluency Revolution

Evan Gardner and I have done a lot of brainstorming over the past several months, troubleshooting how to kick-start the revolution and begin spreading his language fluency game, “Where Are Your Keys?”.  Now we finally have a solid plan.

If you’ve kept up with the saga of WAYK, you’ll know the kind of revolution we hope for by increasing access to this game. We’ve decided upon a way to communicate the game, via the internet, in a youtube-like format using lots and lots of short single-technique videos. In collaboration with fellow players joining in, who will also send in their own videos of techniques they’ve pioneered (owing to the open source nature of the game), we’ll propel the game forward.

We have our eyes focused on the open source PHPmotion software on which to build a “video wiktionary”, and have a web developer ready to go.

If you’d like a way to support this project, have the option to participate in the “behind the scenes” usability test run this Fall, and get a whammy of a discount on a year subscription to the paid portion of the site starting in January 2010, then send $100 to the paypal account evan_gardner at yahoo dot com. Keep in mind, we only have room for 50 ‘early-adopter” subscribers at this time, and we will register early subscriptions first come, first serve.

If this inspires you, I look forward to seeing you online this Fall!

Written by Willem