WAYK Housekeeping

Whoah. What a great idea. Anyway, I didn’t mean it that way – I have some logistical stuff to share…

If you haven’t heard yet, check out the Where Are Your Keys? blog. I’ll start posting WAYK articles over there, rather than here, just to keep things orderly and neat.

In further housekeeping, please start sending in your early adopter subscriptions via paypal to whereareyourkeys att gmail dott com, rather than the evan_gardner address. You can already see a vestigial site up at http://www.whereareyourkeys.org. Things have really begun to roll along! Please remember that we’ll only have room for the 50 adopters to access videos and help us design the online open source technique dictionary, and we will subscribe folks on a first come, first serve basis.

Now you’ll have to pardon me, as we have 94 degree day cooking up here in Portland, and I need to go swimming.

Written by Willem