Rewilding and Healing Your Eyesight Part II

Rewilding your eyesight means retraining your mind how to ride the wild willful ponies we call your “eyes”.

You, like me, probably learned as a child in school, and as an adult in the workplace, to tug at the reigns of your eyes, demanding (through squinting and staring) that they just see what you want them to see. Much like school and work demanded of you to ‘snap to’ and do what they commanded you to do.

Learning to see, to ride those frisky, untame-able, przewalski’s ponies, really comes down to three things you’ll ask your eyes to do, and a whole lot of letting them do what they want to do.

These three things, in the beginning, you will practice separately, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over…

I want to state first that I have myopia (nearsightedness), so that my descriptions will provide instructions specific to that kind of eyesight issue. You can apply this to presbyopia (farsightedness), but you’ll need to figure out how by yourself, for now. Now, the “things”:

Thing #1: Identify something that you do over and over anyway, that involves either sitting, standing or walking, with a view into the distance (i.e, not in a windowless room, but walking down a street, driving, working at a desk in front of a window, etc.).

Thing #2: Broaden your vision to “wide-angle vision”.

[See the vision section of the sensory tune-up]

Thing #3: Look for the smallest detail in the distance, even if blurry and “impossible” to see.

Simple! It will never get any harder than this. It just takes time, and some other details and tiny wrinkles can accelerate the process, if you know about them, but you don’t need to. Wide-angle vision, and hunting for the smallest detail, in a consistently recurring familiar setting with a view of the distance, will do it all.

Of course, if you can learn it all just from this, you’ll impress me.

Next, in Part III, I’ll explain the step by step nature of the process.

Written by Willem