You Tried Making Yourself Big

You tried making yourself Big

Puffing your chest out

You strode about the earth

cock of the walk

stamping down the ground

green before you

brown dust behind

just like the rest

You tried making yourself Big

and you’ve fallen so low

and the time has begun to make yourself small

so small

small and beautiful

each word you shape a tiny precious thing

each step tentative

as a guest in a lordly place

You tried making yourself Big

now make yourself small

each thing you make with your hands

small and beautiful

like the countless miniature jeweled boulders

in a handful of dully glittering sand

You tried making yourself Big

and it wounded your soul

wash the wound in smallness

let molehills be your mountains to climb

let children be your heroes

let family be your ambition

let your elders be your favorite authors

be small



Written by Willem