The Return

Here’s a project of earth-shaking importance. A kickstarter to raise funds to print a finished photo-book on the life of the “hoopster” rewilders, those planting back the ancient wild food gardens of the Great Basin and beyond.

Why is this so important? It’s not for them. It’s for you, and all the rewilders-yet-to-be out there. This is a signal for the lost to home in on – this is a lighthouse on a treacherous, rocky coast.

Though I have deep respect for the makers of this work, I do have to tell a little different story than they do about the meaning of this project. This isn’t about people who have “run away”, this isn’t about “freedom”, or life without responsibility or burdens.

This is about the heartsick courageous souls who shoulder the greatest possible burden of this age or any other – they replant a human future for those who love them, those who hate them, those who fear them, and those too cowardly to follow them.

This isn’t about human beings, this is about wild souls who are the expression of the mothering earth’s urge to heal herself and make beauty. These are people She gave birth to so that human people can continue to be part of her story for a while longer.

This can be scary, lonely, tough work. And for some, the only possible work that a dignified human being could consider worth doing.

Please support this project. Not for them. For you. Spread their story. Help rewilders-yet-to-be find them, find this book, and so find themselves.

There’s not much time left.


Written by Willem