Episode 28: Seda and the Sacred Hoop

(c) Adrian Chesser and Timothy White Eagle, from their book, “the Return”

Seda Joseph Saine discusses his work with Finisia Medrano and the Sacred Hoop of the Great Basin. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important this work is – please support Seda, Finisia, and the rest of the “hoopsters” in any way you can. For more information and extensive links check out the Rewilder’s Underground Railroad.

How can you help?

Visit the Hoop. Learn more about the hoopsters and their work in person.

Commit to the Hoop. Jump in all the way and grow the community of people doing this woork.

Grow the Hoop. The hoopsters need land – stable places in which they can catch their breath while traveling the hoop.

Contact Seda at forestvoices at gmail dot com, or give Finisia Medrano a call at (541) 480-0933.

Special thanks to Gaia University and Gaia U Radio for making this presentation possible.

Written by Willem