Call for Patrons


Hello, my name is Willem Larsen, and this is where I write.

You may notice that (not unlike many blogs) there is an on-again, off-again rhythm here. This is not due to any wavering on my part however – as a father of two, trying to make a living for my family, I struggle to balancing writing with making a living.

If you want to support me finding this time to write and podcast here, I’ve found one way: I’ve started an account at

You can pledge as little as $1 per “artifact” – blogpost, podcast, etc. – and you can always decline or downgrade your pledge later if I’m too productive. God forbid!

Anyway, learn more here. It means a lot to me to see folks already stepping up. If you can’t afford to pledge, leaving comments here is also a really important way to support me in sitting down and making time.

Thanks everyone. Back to the making stuff.

Written by Willem