The CoMC, years 2004-2005, Now In Ebook Format

cover-2004-2005So, I’ve been working on making the archives of this blog more accessible, and more readable.

To that end, I’ll release ebooks for each year, combining years for those times when other priorities distracted me too much to keep blogging.

Each book should run at least 40 pages. If enough folks buy them, I’ll combine them all together (or maybe just split into two or three volumes) and release them as a physical book.

If this sounds exciting to you, please buy the first one. I consider this all an experiment – editing these old blogposts for ebook format takes some serious work.

If I don’t get enough of a response, no harm, no foul – I’ll just finish with 2006 (which I sit working on right now).

Thanks everyone – your comments and feedback always encourage me to share and do more.

Written by Willem