For the Love of Tracking

1457718_678892208809141_1721277194_nThe College of Mythic Cartography originally came into this world to really celebrate the interface between Story and Land, and as a love letter to animal tracking. It has grown beyond that to encompass much more, but its roots lie there.

For all that, I don’t talk much about the practice of animal tracking – and I’d like to change that.

In a recent blog entry I mentioned starting a separate blog on just tracking, but that didn’t seem to make much sense, juggling two different blogs. So I’m going to try to integrate the different trails right here at the College of Mythic Cartography.

I make no claims as any great tracker – quite the opposite, but experience has eminently qualified me for at least one thing: talking to beginners about beginning.

I’d like to offer more resources toward this end, I’d like to help you to begin your beginning. It feels immensely satisfying – no matter where you turn, you’ll find some aspect of tracking will set your hair on fire with never-before-considered insights. It just requires looking at the ground – at least in the beginning.

Though Tom Brown, Jr. acts as my principle elder on this path, I have several teachers – Jon Young, Fernando Moreira, and my friends and fellow trackers.

Written by Willem