The CoMC Archives Are Now A Zine


Alright, I’ve changed my strategy here – I know there are those of you interested in a more readable form of the old writing here, but I’ve gotten very few buyers of the ebooks. So, I decided to experiment with making the ebooks into a zine format.

The first zines I’m making are of course the anthology of the 2004-2005 posts here.

The book is 49 pages long, with a hand-stitched spine, and is digest size – about 5″ x 8″.

I plan for each year will have a different color cover – this is contingent on interest of course.

The books will be first come, first serve. These are a labor of love, and I have lots of other work to do, so if you’d really like one, order now while I have time and inspiration to make them!


To buy, paypal me $12 at mythic dot cartographer at gmail dot com. If you live in Portland, I’ll just hand them to you. If you need them mailed, please add $3 shipping.

Thanks everyone!

Written by Willem