Endless Blessings

IMG_3052Play games, my friends, play games.

Cultural creation starts with play – and matures as structured play, what we call “a game”.

The folks doing the most important work culturally I often find in the world of games.

I offer up Bernie De Koven, of DeepFun, as a fantastic example of this. I’ve long known we need to reclaim and practice our ability to thank and bless each other. Well Bernie has developed a game towards just this end, called “the Endless Blessings Game.”

I see a special shine on the work Bernie does, because of his emphasis on light-heartedness and “play for its own sake.”

Oftentimes cultural creatives such as myself get too serious – we lose our sense of playful exploration – because of how much importance we place on our work.

But if we can stay open, stay in the “playful space”, for its own sake, we can discover and re-discover what opens our hearts up without even trying.

So appreciate your innate ability to discover what cultural practices deeply nourish human beings, by appreciating and savoring your own sense of play.

Written by Willem