The Paradox That Wasn’t

The animated video below explains “the Fermi Paradox”, a paradox only to the infantile or insane. The idea that knowing the high probability of life on any one of billions of habitable worlds, that it must naturally beg the question, “Where are all the ‘advanced civilizations’ – where are all the spaceships?”

The madness of this unrooted babbling, culminating from 10,000 years of civilization, hits its apex as this story brings global ecological collapse to the brink. We stare down the barrel of the gun we made.

And the biggest question on our culture’s mind? “Where are all the spaceships?”

And meanwhile the poisons from Deepwater Horizon, Fukushima, Chernobyl, the tar sands, fracking, and on and on lay siege to a dying planet.

“Where are all the spaceships?” we say as we pull the trigger.

Written by Willem