Tone Policing and Social Collapse

On the Everyday Feminism blog, I just saw a webcomic illustrating the toxic and endemic protector of privilege: tone policing. This term refers to telling the oppressed or the traumatized that their emotional tone makes it difficult to hear the content of what they want to say, or that their emotions have overwhelmed their sense of reason.

Essentially, the privileged use it to get the non-privileged to shut up and sit down.

I’ve blogged fairly extensively about the Roma and their community court, the kris, and how it widens scope to include all community discord and outrage, and how healing imbalance, not abstract notions of reason and justice, sit at the center of the process of remedy.

You can also look into the restorative justice movement for a more mainstream version of this way of thinking.

Remember, feelings of discomfort mean you have arrived at the place where healing can begin.

Photo Credit: decar66 via Compfight cc

Written by Willem