Hold Your Answer Lightly


All “masters” (a difficult term but one I’ll use) eventually come to a particular ethic, the practice of holding all answers lightly. One can have passion, faith, move with confidence, but when it comes down it it all “answers” act as doorways to the next layers of question – or they hold you back. By definition to reach mastery in anything one has to have discovered this on one’s own terms.

This comes up in the art of tracking all the time, and partly inspired me to write so extensively about gender fluidity and other topics of flux. Not because I have any expertise in these matters, but because everyone has access to cultural expectations of gender and so it serves as such a powerful lens through which to perceive just how lightly (or tightly) you grasp on to your answers.

Below I ran across a fascinating piece of writing by a queer anthropology student on the reliability of traditional views of forensic anthropology. Read and enjoy!


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Written by Willem

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