The Thermodynamics of Emotion

I’m starting a new project in support of the work I do here – if you’ve been following along and enjoying the posts and interviews on constructal law, and Immediate Moment Theory, come check out our new site for gatherings and news on this topic – The Thermodynamics of Emotion.

The Emotional Battery, Another Conversation with Kevin Behan

In this third conversation with Kevin we continue to explore a completely fresh approach to animal behavior, one that I think will become a fundamental part of our skill set as trackers.

Hold Your Answer Lightly

All “masters” (a difficult term but one I’ll use) eventually come to a particular ethic, the practice of holding all answers lightly. One can have passion, faith, move with confidence, but when it comes down it it all “answers” act as doorways to the next layers of question – or they hold you back. By… Read more »

Grief For Breakfast

Thoughts inspired by this Washington Post article: Historian believes bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, are in a tank at Irish home for unwed mothers “God knows who else is in the grave,” one anonymous source told the Daily Mail. “It’s been lying there for years and no one knows the full extent of the total… Read more »

Walking in the Garden of Wonders

What is Magic? In an interview with David Charvet in the October 1999 Magic magazine, Doug Henning speaks of his first awareness of the contrast between the perspectives of the performer and traditional tribal wizards: “…I was invited by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to perform on Christmas shows for the troops. At one point on… Read more »

Animal Behavior Science Through the Lens of the Heart

An Inquiry Driven by Both the Heart and Brain Tune in to the Art of Tracking radio show where, with host Garth Olson, I interview Kevin Behan, author of Your Dog is Your Mirror and Natural Dog Training. We dive deep into an approach towards understanding animal behavior (including the human animal!) that requires both our… Read more »

Language Making Nature: Week 3

And our adventure goes on! With three new chapters this week, our book group discussing David Lukas’ Language Making Nature continues to generate deeply meaningful conversations. This week we read aloud and discussed the chapters Blossoming Language, Wisdom Sits in Places, Bibliography, and Patterns in Nature. We had an extensive conversation about when artistic creations feel… Read more »

Language Making Nature: Notes from the Book Club

You may remember I began facilitating a small group of peers in reading aloud and playing with the ideas found in David Lukas’ book Language Making Nature. We have made it 6 chapters in (out of 75!): Voices and Gods, Crossing Boundaries, Three Dimensional Words, Contractions, Word Manufacturing, Word Boundaries. I present some images of my language play… Read more »

The Land Makes Language that Makes the Land

I recently discovered a book that I have waited and waited – lacking the scholarship, craft, and patience myself to write such a thing – for some pugnacious and insightful soul to write. A book on reclaiming language as a folk art, as an engine of perception, as a cord connecting us to our ancestral selves, and… Read more »

Fairies, Lived Experience, and Meaning

I recently ran across a lovely talk by English historian of folklore and religion Ronald Sutton, wherein he showcases a remarkable poise and generosity to both the scientific tradition which trained him and the lived experiences of the people who live on this wild and wondrous world. Sponsored by the Manx Heritage program on the Isle of Man,… Read more »

  • Philosophy of Tracking

    Sacred Means Survival

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    We split the atom to release unimagined destruction. We also split story away from wisdom, and thus gave birth to entertainment. And the radiation burns still glint in our eyes and upon our souls. What if every rattle, every pictograph, every myth, every ritual, did not attempt to answer questions about the meaning of life,… Read more »

  • Philosophy of Tracking

    Baskets Containing Emptiness

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    Did an answer create the universe? Or did a question? If one can describe religion as a system of answers and certainties about the cosmos, taken on and held in faith, has modern science become just another religion? What does honest inquiry into the natural world look like? What does the natural world itself look… Read more »

  • Philosophy of Tracking

    Offerings at the Grave of Right and Wrong

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    Out beyond ideas of Right-doing and Wrong-doing, there is a field…I’ll meet you there. -Rumi What if at long last, we arrived at an unexpected place, in time for a funeral. Seeing sad yet familiar faces, we decided to stay and listen, to pay our respect to the unknown one finding rest in the earth…. Read more »

  • Deep Mythology

    Sacred Wounds and Flowering Swords

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    In the Shinto Creation Myth, the primordial divine man and woman emerged at the beginning of time. The man dipped his spear down from the clouds and stirred the world into activity. Decked with flowers, painted with colors, spirals, and dancing designs, he approaches. Craggy and ancient in one moment, as if chiseled from rock,… Read more »

  • Messages from Beyond

    The Maiden Voyage of the S.S. Palingenesia

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    With prayers and ghosts I stepped out the door, on pilgrimage to the sleeping goddess of fire, the slumbering giant known in modern times as Mt. Tabor. Street by street I made my way from the high plateau of Northeast Portland, down, across the long East-West throat, formerly named “Sullivan’s Gulch”, but now christened by… Read more »

  • Messages from Beyond

    Giving Away Antiques, Meeting the Sunrise Naked

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    Under what color of sky shall we pretend that all that for which our hearts are grieving is lost to us held in the keeping of other hands On which day will we decide that yesterday was the lie but having no words for such a sentiment will simply be born to a life which… Read more »

  • Messages from Beyond

    It’s All About Peace

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    You know, for a long time, I’ve had this little scar on my left hand. I got it at a Tracker school class in a fishing spear construction accident. I’ll leave the back story at that. Suffice to say, the little damn scar is the perfect replica of a broken arrow! I’ve had people remark… Read more »